In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act - George Orwell
Stop internet censorship against the Truth Movement. Protect your freedoms before the airport naked body scans and groping (aka, Martial Law in slow motion) becomes the embedded chip.

What use is sympathy for your fellow man if it is misspent? What use is a thought if it is not your own?

Resist Global Enslavement. Denial is the best evidence of Indoctrination


Before engaging the content of the Media Page, it is crucial that there is an understanding of a major key point.
That is that neither The Bank of England or The US Federal Reserve are Government owned, or indeed any
part of Government. When you hear the Government talk about borrowing or national debt, it means that it is entirely subservient to the Bank. The whole point and function of Government is to serve the people. Therefore, it is logical to assume that only the Government has the absolute authority to issue its own sovereign national currency on behalf of the people. However, this is NOT the case. The Bank is entirely privately owned, and what is written here should be read within that context. They are owned by ruthless financial terrorists, an oligarchy of plutocrats whose sole aim is to consolidate all sovereign nations to be under the control of a One World Bank, (the Rothschild Bank of England being the first initial model) for eventual global domination, eg. the EU, African Union, Asian Union and the soon to be American Union, etc, and finally the consolidation of all into One Global Government, and the placing of the capstone on top of the pyramid. However, for the American Union, the US economy must be destroyed first. It is absolutely important that we understand what that means, (Ordo Ab Chao). It is happening right before your very eyes. Initiated on 9/11, the sovereignty of nations began falling like dominoes by the planned manufactured global recession of 2008; the sudden instability of oil rich Arab nations through hidden sanctions in 2011 to establish an African Central Bank; the timely fabrication of the Osama Bin Laden saga, the result of which we can expect more false flag attacks. For example, now Al-Qaeda (aka, database) suddenly have nuclear capabilities? And this is to justify the surrendering of more of our civil liberties, eg. naked body scans and our children being groped at airports while parents are forced to watch helplessly. What next to further break the will of the people, as populations are being pacified through dumbing down toxins, such as fluoride, commonly used to subdue prisoners, originally used by the Nazis? "Our complicity in our own servitude is measured by our growing apathy!" (NOTE: Rothschild trans: Red Shield)

To know the Globalist agenda, research the regions of the world that don't have a Rothschild Central Bank. Soon after, instability, war or disaster will follow.
This site is largely devoted to following the Globalist roadmap and a culmination of the efforts of a young songwriter/mucician since 1987, while studying Politics, Psychology and Sociology, mocked for suggesting that in the future water would become a sold commodity and eventually all natural resources would be seized. This is an independent historical investigation. (Special thanks to my tutor, Paul O'Connor for his encouragement)


Top Terrorist Hunter For U.S. Government: Wolfowitz General Told Me 9/11 Was False Flag. Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 from Marfan Syndrome (kidney desease)

"Evil is best disguised in deception. Deception is best disguised in what is perceived to be respectable and decent. If deception is systemmic, then the masses are less likely to believe it, since it implies complicity and ignorance!" The only burden we should carry in life, is the heavy sword by which we must behead the beast of apathy. The greatest gift we possess, is the capacity to love. Yet, rarely do we ask, what forbids us from exploring it.
The world is now in an age where humanity must be at its most guarded against deception than at any time in our history. Beware of being anesthetized by popular culture and globalist mainstream media distractions.

It would be foolish to regard anything written here as having any kind of religious or political agenda, since the emphasis is on the nature of the theosophic doctrine of the Illuminati to destroy religion. Atheism and Religion are products of Men's pursuits, not of Gods. He gets cruelly overlooked.


We shall go willingly into a New World Order and come to love our servitude - Aldous Huxley

"The world is governed by personalities very different to what people
that cannot see further than their eyes, believe"

          - Benjamin Disraeli - (Statesman)

Psychological warfare: "What you thought ludicrously unthinkable yesterday is acceptable today!" Welcome to Tomorrows World.

How to deceive and fool the public without trying

Secrets Can Be Kept?
In 1939, they were building the atomic bomb in the US. The world only learned about it six years later, in 1945 when it was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. In those six years, there were 43,000 people working on it, in 39 facilities, in 19 states, in the US and Canada, while their immediate families thought they were working elsewhere.

- Barrie Zwicker, Media Critic and author of "Towers of Deception" (The Psychology of 9/11, Planting the 9/11 story in the Media)

"If we refuse to hold anyone accountable for what is done in our names, doesn't that mean we accept it, making us all complicit? Our excuses are the best defence for denial. The failure of mankind to accept responsibility for our own destiny makes us all accountable, from the family unit to the global unit. Thus, should we all be judged as one, and hell be an overflowing cup?"

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The most powerful weapon on earth is not military hardware. It is not a nuclear weapon. It is not a weather manipulation weapon. It is The Media.

My Apathy Kills film


Conditioning our children The early stages of indoctrination. It is much easier to control the masses as individual cohesive units than individuals. Therefore, the family is greatly promoted in the ideology of the "American Dream". (The nuclear family) The aspirational cycle begins.

The Media coverage of 9/11 (an essay)

Programming the masses. "Brave New World!" The term "New World Order" gradually enters our psyche through Pavlovian conditioning. As Aldous Huxley's writings warned us, "We would come to enjoy our own servitude!"

  • It should be remembered that before he died in 1962 Aldous Huxley admitted that
    his 1932 book was based on what the Eugenicists had planned. His brother Julian was
    a committed Eugenicist. (see predictive programming here)


Angels in unlikely forms The natural love of the human spirit defies earthly divisions


What is The New World Order? (NWO) (see below) Globalists. The Knights Templar >The Freemasons and the origins of today's modern banking system. George Washington's letters warning him of Illuminati infiltration of freemasonry. General Albert Pike and the occult, Rothschild's Illuminati and subsequent wars (French and Russian Revolutions) for global domination


AIDS: A modern day holocaust (see below) A brief insight into the planned book, revealing the background of the Illuminati 20th century 60 year plan. Their initial seizure of the media and the banks, through to a modern day "Final Solution", replacing war with disease


Dan Brown's disinformation deterrent Mind Games & planting the seed. His books generated such overwhelming publicity that people had forgotten that they were fiction. However, that was the intention, since until then few had heard of the Illuminati. Mention them today, and the instant reaction is mockery, unaware of their Mastery of Deception


Secrets of the Bush crime family, including the occult Skull & Bones The truth about the Bush family Nazi connections, the occult, and the JFK assassination (see below)

The disturbing Skull & Bones initiation ritual. Students from influential and wealthy families are chosen to join at Yale University. Their objectives are that upon graduating as a bonesman, they will attain high positions in society. From such positions, they will appoint other fellow bonesmen or associated cult members to highly influential positions of power.

9/11 insight: The Military Industrial Complex today From black gold to blue gold to white gold. And, all for the control of the earths natural resources, oil, water and next, air, hence the global warming hoax


1913 silent coup d'etat: Rockefeller reveals shocking admission of 9/11 plan to lead to human microchipping. In 1910, the banking elites held top a secret meeting on JP Morgan's Jekyll Island retreat, setting forth their 60 year plan for global domination. (The implementation of silent coup d'état in 1913 set in motion the esoteric agenda for the world today. A failed coup would occur in the 1930s, involving Prescott Bush.The next was to be in 1963. Every US President who opposed the banks was assassinated)

  • No law that states that you must pay a tax for your labor. Illegal taxes.
  • Prescott Bush and JP Morgan plot for Nazi coup d'état in US
  • Bullingdon Club (aka UK Skull & Bones) member, David Cameron
    at Bilderberg meetings
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From JFK to 9/11: Similar patterns. Control the media. Intelligence sources planted in the media to discredit the truth and provide disinformation to the public


Osama Bin Laden (aka, Tim Osman), CIA invention & asset. Al-Qaida is the Arabic term for database Former Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook revealed that the term Al-Qaida was invented by the CIA, meaning database, from which the CIA recruited and trained the Mujahadeen, one of which was Osama Bin Laden, aka, agent Tim Osman. The Bin Laden's are also known to have had a long standing friendship with the Bush family

  • More to come on the death of Robin Cook and connections to Dr David Kelly.

Supposedly, on 28 June 2001, a CNN reporter with a camera crew found Osama Bin Laden and interviewed him.
It was here that he told the reporter that within 3 weeks, he was going to attack the US and Israel,
yet in 2011, the worlds largest intelligence apparatus cannot find him?
Source: Esoteric Agenda

1913 onwards: (See above) CFR: Leaked recording of David Rockefeller addressing Bilderberg meeting Rockefeller thanks invited media for keeping their plans for the world a secret. In 1917 JP Morgan and associates sought to control the media. They bought the largest and most influential newspapers in the US, such as the Washington Post. As the CFR grew, this extended to the seizure of Hollywood in the 1950s and expanded to what we have globally today.


“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis
(9/11) and the nations will accept the New World Order.” - David Rockefeller


Barak Obama, aka Barry Soetoro dumps the press after he and Hillary Clinton are summoned to a secret meeting.
On becoming President, Obama stood up a scheduled press engagement to attend an impromptu meeting, suspected to have been summoned by Rockefeller to attend the Bilderberg group, which happened to be in town at the time

(see below)

Meet Barry Soetoro, aka Barak Hussein Obama

Barak Obama revealed, ex CIA, War Monger, Child killer:Lifting the Veil A typical demonstration on how easy it is to fool a nation and the masses globally. How do you tell people who hailed Obama as a "New Beginning" that they've been had and considered too dumb to even notice? Even as they're being gradually boiled for the dinner table, they are still asking for the seasoning!!!



The Illuminati 25 point plan today. (see below) This document lays out the step by step Illuminati plan for global domination and enslavement and how it has come to pass today and into the future. World events from that time right up to this current time have been recorded and carefully choreographed

  • This film (left) also reveals Rockefellers quote about his secret Masonic Cabal and their plans, and
    how they'd chosen and placed Bill Clinton into the Whitehouse before he'd even been heard of.


Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld confronted over their lies for war The media role in selling us lies and the untold horrors of Depleted Uranium being used to kill children. Rockefeller admitted to film producer, Aaron Russo the 9/11 plot, and that "War on Terror" is a lie

  • George Bush Sr in meeting with Osama Bin Laden's brother on 9/11
  • The Big Wedding (codename for 9/11) Rothschild's spend their honeymoon in front row seat for 9/11

I should point out that although there has been speculation over the death of Hollywood Producer,
Aaron Russo, that's all it is, speculation. It has been implied that Aaron was murdered by the CIA's
cancer causing technology. However, Aarons death was due to his lifestyle, as his partner has said.
Having promoted rock legends such as Janis Joplin, made Hollywood movies and mixed with the
stars, its easy to understand how his lifestyle may have caught up with him. As yet, there appears
to be no evidence that he died under suspicious circumstances, despite his former friendship with
Nicholas Rockefeller.

Dumbing down the masses to servitude and apathy, fluoride, aspartame etc. The Illuminati bloodline includes Obama. The systemic dumbing down of society through toxins, pharmaceuticals and media. The Illuminati bloodline. It cannot be coincidence that all former US presidents are related, including Obama and Dick Cheney. Almost all US presidents have been freemasons.


The elite gather annually at the exclusive Bohemian Grove for their occult ritual, "The Cremation of Care". It is also thought that the Manhattan Project originated from here. My film shows a photo which includes attendees Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon

  • Alex Jones confronts Bohemian Grove regular, David Gergen, top adviser to four US Presidents,
    including Bush and Clinton.

The (BBC) British Broadcasting Conspiracy The BBC confronted, exposed and debunked over being deliberately misleading about 9/11 (see below, 7/7 London Bombings & Mind The Gap)


  Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR

De Rothschild expresses her contempt for the rest of us by insulting our intelligence In this interview, Lady Lynn Forester De Rothschild can barely hide her mockery of the people she is addressing. Her arrogance is the ultimate insult, that even the interviewer expresses her surprise


Hollywood being used as a method of mind control, from the 1930s to today This is certainly nothing new. From Edward Bernays (father of PR) to MK Ultra, How far has it come today? The disturbing truth, from "Predictive Programming" and "Hidden in Plain Sight" conditioning


Angels and Demons (The true story) Not the Predictive Programming deterrent of Dan Browns Hollywood portrayal, as previously mentioned, but the true story of the Illuminati goal to infiltrate the most influential and dominant institutions of society


7/7 London bombings. Mind The Gap: Asking the awkward questions MI5 whistleblower David Shayler reveals how the bombings may have been another false flag, revealing similarities to 9/11, e.g. political leader being warned, minutes before the bombings; simulated counter terrorist exercises conducted that very morning with the same scenario. Other well known false flag events have been included.

  • The historical roots of the 7/7 London bombings and the "fundamental
    and other Government false flag terrorism. As with the
    families of the 9/11 victims, the London bombings families are denied justice
    and are subject to maltreatment and media blackout.

Hollywood actor, Charlie Sheen appeals to president Barak Obama to re-investigate 9/11 This was long before his highly publicised personal problems. As a result, Sheen was subject to character assassination by the media. And, of course the elites look after their own by preventing any means to prosecute Bush and Blair for war crimes as a result of 9/11


  • Obama denies justice for 9/11 victims with his reply
  • The Price Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell, Willie Nelson
    and other stars have to pay
    for speaking out about 9/11
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Secret Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) and the mysterious new Denver airport Jesse Ventura and a former BBC Blue Peter presenter investigate the mystery of the new Denver airport, as it greets passengers with the eerie statue of a horse of the apocalypse, and designed with disturbing masonic, apocalyptic images, murals and structures of death and Armageddon, whilst a huge bunker is being constructed underneath for specific purposes.


I feel obliged at this point to add that there is no credible evidence of a Planet X (Nibiru)
enroute for a collision with earth in 21 December 2012. This story originated from Nancy Lieder
who made the same claim in 2003. Needless to say, we are still here


The Mark of The Beast and Illuminati final stages for global Government Introducing the Mark of the Beast, (Update: body scanners) and laying out the plan for the future, as also written on the Georgia Guidestones, including population reduction by 80%


Some believe that this is the fulfillment of the religious prophecy of all mainstream religions

  • The Georgia Guidestones (aka, The NWO Ten Commandments)
  • Agenda 21 (UN dossier outlining global population reduction by 80-90%)

    Approx. 29,000 children under the age of five –  21 each minute – die every day, mainly from "preventable" causes. Perhaps we should think about that while we still can, and draw comfort from contributing to the occasional media charity campaign, when we really should be "preventing" our Governments from committing genocidal slaughter and deceiving us with fake comfort. How many die while we breathe a contented sigh of relief?

Project BlueBeam & HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)
to usher in a New World Religion With a treaty signed in 1977 between the superpowers, agreeing not to use weather modification technology as a weapon, along with substantiated CIA mind control experiments in the 1960s, pre-dated by the mass mind control experiment of the 1930s, it is reasonable to acknowledge that such endeavours would have far advanced today.

  • For a quick explanation see video
  • Since I've always had a theory that cell phones were
    introduced as a mind control experiment (LSD 2), you can find a
    more detailed explanation here

Eugenics & Global depopulation through War, disease and mind control AIDS, the modern day "Final Solution", created in a lab and administered to 50-70 million people by the W.H.O. via the Smallpox vaccination; Drugging the public for mind altering experiments. After 9/11, Anthrax, sent to top US officials was later traced back to a US military lab  


The Confessions of an Economic Hitman A whistleblower reveals the terrifying dimensions of globalization. He was sent into countries after their infrastructure had been totally destroyed by manufactured instability (the CIA). He offers to rebuild it, investing billions, leaving the region enslaved and in eternal debt to the World Bank.

  • Current events in the Arab world have the same familiar pattern, as the beast
    of globalization devours every nation.

Al Qaeda are CIA
US NATO Commander Admits Al-Qaeda Linked To Libyan Rebels
In 2009 Gaddafi Proposed Nationalizing Libya’s Oil
GLOBALIST TARGET: Central Bank of Libya is 100% State Owned
Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya

Tesla, the grandfather of everything we take for granted today Omitted from history and replaced by his bitter, envious adversary, Edison. The founder of "free", sustainable, renewable energy was robbed of all his work by the bankers, who profited from it.


Further investigations into HAARP by Jesse Ventura's truTV and former BBC
Blue Peter presenter, June Sarpong
The team investigate how Tesla's stolen technology is being used today for global weather manipulation and mind control


The Global Warming Hoax. The Future: A tax on the air you breathe. Is HAARP being used to convince us that global warming is real? Jesse Ventura reveals how the global warming plot is being used to implement a one world government, and includes startling revelations from a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher 


"The BBC became a propaganda machine for climate change zealots,
says Peter Sissons... and I was treated as a lunatic for daring to dissent!"

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False Flag operations in our recent history, one example being Operation Northwoods . . .This is said to be one of the motivations for the assassination of JFK. Admiral Lemnitzer approached JFK with the proposal of flying passenger planes over Cuba and shooting them down, thus blaming Cuba and justifying a war



Demonstrations on how HAARP works, (or as I call it, The tuning fork) The increasing frequency of global environmental devastation. There is growing evidence that HAARP was used against Haiti, Pakistan, Iceland, Iran and other regions in recent years.


"Divide & Conquer!" Capitalism & Communism created and funded by the bankers. Subdue the people with false ideologies and doctrines, and anything is possible. The idiots guide to the NWO, including Cecil Rhodes "Round Table Group", out of which emerged the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and the Council On foreign Relations and The Jekyll Island plot. Warnings from former US presidents.


The name of the Secret Government revealed During the Iran Contra hearings in the late 1980s, Col.Olliver North divulged its name as The Enterprise. It was led by Vice President George HW Bush. Its activities reached as far back as 1951, Iran and its overthrow of Mossadegh, replacing him with The Shah. Its activities can be seen in the middle east and globally today

  • The hearings were interrupted by the chairman, as he prevented
    Rep. Jack Brooks from asking a particular question

Shadow Government to record and catalogue all life on earth, including yours. Why? To control and reduce the global population. Imagine if every transaction we ever make and every aspect of our lives is recorded and catalogued, gathered through our interaction with technology (eg. online activities, CCTV, retail loyalty cards etc.), including our medical history, all gathered for a specific purpose


The Manchurian Candidate. Bill Clinton under hypnosis and controlled. Remember the wire feed under George Bushes jacket during the 2004 campaign debate? Why is it that political leaders break their promises, once (s)elected? And, what is the connection between the Bush's and Clinton's?

  • Considering that we all knew how dumb George W was, isn't it a damning indictment
    upon humanity that we allowed him to rule? And, if we acknowledge that someone
    so obviously stupid could never have really held power, then shouldn't we be held responsible
    for our own fate by our acceptance of it?


The only flight allowed to leave the US after 9/11, was a plane carrying the Bin Laden family. This was after vacationing with long time friends, the Bush family. Another guest of George Bush Sr was the head of Pakistani intelligence, who had just wired $100,000 to alleged hijacker, Mohammed Atta. The Bin Laden's also won all the contracts to rebuild bombed US military bases

  • The alleged 9/11 hijackers were given safe passage and escort into the US by the CIA.
    All attempts to track their movements were impeded and blocked, and whistleblowers and
    witnesses were silenced. (See Fabled Enemies)

A former CIA chief, now whistleblower reveals the atrocities of the CIA. This includes extreme violations of human rights, its unaccountability and its constitution of global instability, its nickname, the Cocaine Import Agency as portrayed in the Holloywood movie, "Air America" and George HW Bushes role and nickname, "Poppy"


Redefining terrorism, where you and your children are the terrorists. As another consequence of 9/11, to impose martial law and to further break the will, and to enslave the people, further false flag events occur, such as shoe box bomber, Richard Reed and the underwear bomber. Again, such events are exposed as staged hoaxes


The ultra secretive Bilderberg Group meet to decide the fate of humanity As an integral part of the Illuminati network, these elites meet every year at a secret location under a media blackout. They are royalty (eg. Prince Charles, Queen Beatrice), Corporate CEO's, Bankers, Political leaders, and Media tycoons

Eugenicist, Prince Phillip. . . declares his commitment to Eugenics, as did the Rockefeller funded, Adolf Hitler

The documented Sax Coberg Gotha connections to the Illuminati
and the Royal bloodline Nazi and eugenics connection.

The familiar tactics intelligence services resort to
in an effort to discredit
and slander their whistleblowers for revealing the truth


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The UN announce their strategy for using food as a weapon against the people: Agenda 21 ...dossier implements Codex Alimentarius in 2009 to reduce the global population by 80%. Its initial result being 3 billion deaths - 1b through starvation, 2b from preventable deseases. Poisons and toxins, such as Fluoride (main ingredient of rat poison), Aspartame and other lethal toxins. These and other pharmaceuticals to be marketed as safe and healthy in academic institutions. Chemtrails, containing Barium, Lithium. . .

AIDS, the modern day Holocaust: Man made in US military labs as biological warfare . . .implemented by the UN World Health Organisation to millions of non-productive Africans via the Smallpox vaccinations (trojan horse), under the pretext that AIDS originated from Green Monkeys

The common barcode we take for granted today was originally created by IBM for Adolf Hitler
to identify Jews in the concentration camps to be sent to the Gas Chambers  

How we are gradually being conditioned to accept a totalitarian Police State These victims could easily be your parents. Likewise, it could just as easily be them or your children being indecently scanned at airport security. How much further are we prepared to accept our will being broken? As is often the case, police infiltrate protests to agitate aggression in order to discredit the focus of the protest.

  • Indecent Exposure and Child molestation is now NWO law.
    (Breaking the will of the people)
    Next, the embedded chip.

Bombs in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Just as in the case of the JFK assassination, where the initial reports said that the shots came from the front, reports that "bombs" were exploding in the WTC were quickly dropped, altered, retracted and suppressed. (PNAC Project for a New American Century)
This also exposes the main motivations behind 9/11

  • BBC reporter, Jane Standley reporting live from New York, was asked
    for an update on "the collapse of WTC7", while it was still standing behind her.
    It didn't collapse until another 20mins later. When the BBC realised their mistake
    they hurriedly cut the feed, blaming it on a satalite problem. CNN reported the collapse
    of WTC7 over an hour beforehand. "How did they know WTC7 was going to collapse?"
    This obviously indicates that the news items were scripted, and that they arrogantly
    think that we are stupid.

Occultist, Aleister Crowley aka, "The Great Beast 666", the grandfather of Barbara Bush,
George W. Bush's mother. Highly influential in Victorian society, Crowley was known as The Most Evil Man Who Ever Lived. He formed his own masonic lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis.

JFK warned us about secret societies, while today senior figures are members
George W. Bush, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, David Gergen and Barak Obama are confronted about their membership of such Illuminati secret societies

While it cannot yet be confirmed that Barak Obama is a CFR member, his wife, Michelle is.
On becoming President, he and Hillary Clinton also abandoned a scheduled media engagement
after being hastily summoned to a clandestine meeting

Channel 4 News reveals the plan to catalogue all life on earth. Imagine a society where fear
was so instilled into our mindset that we demanded our own enslavement?
Imagine if someone had the power to render you a non citizen. Imagine a world where every newborn baby was injected with an embedded RFID chip. Now, imagine if it was real. Every product you purchase is RFID tagged, without you even knowing it, every aspect of your life recorded, even at this very moment. Remember that next time you swipe your clubcard at the supermarket.

The Ultimate Revolution- Mass Servitude,

"And it seems to me perfectly on the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a
pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing … a kind of painless
concentration camp for entire societies, so  that people will in fact have their liberties taken away
from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda,
brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods."

The nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: That we are in process
of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always
existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude!”

- Aldous Huxley:  Brave New World

NOTE: Diary entry. Forecast today, 22 February 2009: The phasing out of cash, with a new tax imposed on those still using it. All card transactions to be eventually phased out and transferred to the embedded RFID chip. The RFID embedded chip will initially
be marketed and sold to us as a fashion accessory. It'll be the new Cell phone or iPod. The establishment can switch off the chip, rendering it impossible for you to purchase goods or services.

The Masterful art of deception. Selling us Big Brother. . . . . .or the Mark of the Beast. Although, by now, it could be reasonably argued that most of society will have been so conditioned to dismiss such notions as religious dogma, not considering that the messenger need not necessarily be religious. Dismissing it as such has become too convenient


A former FBI chief, who investigated occult activity. . . . . .involving high profile figures in the US reveals the Luciferian Illuminati plan

The disturbing occult activities of the elite revealed. This includes a sequence of the
initiation ceremony into Skull & Bones (aka The Order of Death), ...of which the Rockefellers, the Bush family men, other former US presidents, Supreme Court Judges, Bankers and other highly `influential' figures were all member, along with other shocking evidence of satanic worship by the elites. The UK equivalent to Skull & Bones is the Bullingdon Club.

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UN demands population reduction from 6 billion to 1 billion. Rockefeller aide, Henry Kissinger recommended targeting 13 countries for IMF and World Bank loans, on condition that they initiate aggressive depopulation programs, such as vaccinations

  • Objective: Utilize the False Flag (see PNAC) scenario to its full potential
    - to frighten the world with engineered artificial pandemics, such as Swine Flu,
    forcing them to take deadly vaccinations. (This film, The New American Century
    PNAC, lists all US false flag events as far back as 1898)

In Lies We Trust: Biological Warfare, and We Are The enemy. (see below) Other overwhelming evidence of manufactured viruses/diseases, including Cancer, via the Polio vaccine.

The Fox investigating the chicken coup. More similarities to the JFK assassination. The 9/11 Commission was made up of individuals who were known to be corrupt and had conflicts of interest. 6 of 10 of them represented the very companies being investigated. All of them had profited hugely from the Put options on the WTC, prior to the attacks. Families and protesters expressed their outrage at the Commission proceedings.

  • The CIA directly involved in the 1993 bombing of the WTC
  • The 9/11 Commission Report was a defiance of the laws of physics

Revelations: To gain a better understanding, we must approach both the atheist and religious
viewpoints in equal measure. There can be no doubt that religion is used as a controling mechanism. However, we must also be prepared to engage with our own individualism in relation to the world around us, cashless society, implanted chips, information gathering etc. The prophecies of the Bibles Book of Revelations and other various religious and non-religious texts certainly do provide compelling evidence. . .


Historical Warnings and Quotes about the Illuminati/New World Order

Exposing the long list of Government staged False Flag attacks, incl. 9/11 and 7/7 False Flags are pretexts for war, to infringe on peoples civil liberties. Government intelligence agencies stage an attack and blame it on a supposed enemy, usually to justify going to war or to impose draconian, totalitarian measures upon a public who willingly surrender their civil liberties due to a falsely perceived threat.

  • This film, The New American Century
    PNAC, lists all US false flag events as far back as 1898

While we're busy being distracted by the media and anesthetized by popular culture,
what is going on behind our backs? What are the questions we should be asking? 9/11was just a tip of the iceburg

JFK: There was only one set of fingerprints found in the Texas Schoolbook Despository ...and they didn't belong to Lee Harvey Oswald. They belonged to Malcolm Wallace. Despite the irrefutable evidence of the most senior fingerprint expert in the US of many years, this evidence, along with much more, including the initial media reports of the assassination, was instantly suppressed and buried by the FBI.

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One Senator and Five Presidents connected to the JFK assassination Those involved in covering up the JFK assassination were all rewarded with high positions in power later. All were Freemasons, and not forgetting, all Directors of the CIA are appointed from Wall Street. Again, all are masons

  • It should be remembered that as a matter of historical record, the US was the
    first established masonic nation, with 50 of the 56 signatories of the Declaration
    of Independence
    known to be Freemasons, with only 1 known not to be.

The Manchurian Candidate and MK Ultra. The 1950/60s CIA mind control experiments. Such experiments were inherited from the Nazis in Operation Paperclip, involving transferring Hitler's top scientists to the US to continue their work. Bobby Kennedy's alleged assassin Sirhan Sirhan and the victims of the Jonestown massacre are believed to have been subjects of these experiments.

  • LSD was introduced into youth culture as a recreational drug through these
    experiments (See below)

Eye witness evidence that the "underwear bomber" was yet another False Flag incident


WARNING: Google/YouTube has imposed Censorship against the Truth Movement and is now removing videos

Rockefeller Declares War on Free Internet - Government Orders YouTube To Censor Protest Videos


Summary of Evidence. Also, a list of steps we can take to fight the NWO with Global

NWO: A definitive explanation of the New World Order...,...including the "Round Table Group", set up by Cecil Rhodes, The League of Nations, The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The UN, The Council on Foreign Relations (aka, the US branch of the Illuminati). The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) is the British branch, just as the Bullingdon Club is the British branch of Skull & Bones.

  • Document showing that Lee Harvey Oswald was working for the CIA (see Declassified below)
  • Obama disappears from a scheduled Press conference to attend a Bilderberg meeting
  • In his outgoing iconic address, Dwight D. Eisenhower warns us of a "Hostile ideology,
    Global in scope, Atheistic in character, Ruthless in purpose and Insidious in method
  • In his 1928 book, Propaganda, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays describes
    how to manipulate society and destract us from asking questions through the media and entertainment
  • Recording exposing the FBI bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, as well as the
    Oklahoma City Bombings
  • Media promoting microchipping, including newborn babies and gaming technology
  • CNN News anchorman, Lou Dobbs home shot at, after criticising the NWO on air. He later resigned.





The JFK assassination and Cancer Conspiracy Connection. BioWarfare. We, the enemy. Evidence shows that vaccinations are being used to deliver deadly viruses and diseases. Were the initial experiments to kill Fidel Castro with Cancer, involving David Ferry and Lee Harvey Oswald also being used as an opportunity by eugenicists for the Polio vaccine to deliver Cancer to the masses?


Big Pharma and the death of Michael Jackson, the media silence, and possible motives

The murder of John Lennon. Evidence of CIA involvement, and familiar patterns

The death of Princess Diana. Possible motives include. . . ...her campaign against AIDS and Landmines. She risked exposing the eugenicists plan, of which Prince Phillip is known to be part of. Pressure to abolish landmines would have a significant impact on the arms trade



Increasingly strong evidence shows that HAARP weather manipulation is being used as a weapon,
violating a 1977 treaty. Is it also being developed for human behavioral manipulation? In recent years, natural disasters have accelerated and become more frequent. What has also gone unoticed to the ordinary Joe Blogs, is that most of the regions struck are the most impoverished or least economically viable. If the natural harmony of the earth is being interferred with, so too can our interaction with it

9/11: The Tip of the Iceberg The Bush family direct involvement: blocking the investigation: destroying
incriminating files:the missing $trillions: insider trading: remote control planes and fake phone calls

This is what I call the Pavlovian Maze. How much of Big Brother gradual conditioning/programming
will we submit ourselves to before we realise it's too late? The usual response to that question from the pre-programmed drone is, "Well, we all gotta change with the times..." Sadly, there are no batteries or apathy kill switch, which is pointless anyway, since everyone is now saying it, even your own children. Remember 1980, and how you imagined the future would be? Now, imagine 2050. Don't you wish you had done something back then?


After intensive research into 9/11 over the years, you become familiar with many faces. The witnesses
and whistleblowers who can provide crucial evidence into what really happened. Sadly, that familiar patern emerged again as in the aftermath of the JFK assassination - these brave souls died under mysterious circumstances. It's the same old story, suicide being the most common.

Poem: The Beggars tale

The Media indoctrinating us into a permanent state of apathy. "Let em suffer, so long as we don't have to know about it!" As the most impoverished regions of the world fall to devastating alleged natural disasters, the media diverts our attention, distracting us from the untold further suffering inflicted by the World Bank.

  • Following the domino effects of region after region, collapsing due to
    alleged natural disasters, global recession and revolutions, nobody is asking the
    important questions and failing to notice the familiar patterns

The Wall street Crash occurred in 1929. This and the Depression it caused led to massive
unemployment worldwide – and to the rise of Hitler’s Nazis. The powerful men involved were
denounced by Pope Pius X1 as “those very few in numbers who form this deadly and detestable
imperialism of money” and “have in their hands the destinies of the world”.


Poem: The Kingdoms of earth: The Scorpion and The Fox


Sites of Interest & additional works

UPDATE: Since the Japan earthquake and tsunami, I have been receiving emails in my
YouTube channel about the possibility of HAARP involvement. I cannot honestly work
on rumours
or speculation. Apparently, there have been reports of the HAARP aurora borealis
cloud effect being seen in the region. However, again this is just rumour, and I have a policy to
disregard such speculation. I'm no expert on geology, but in an aerial view of the region, it is
easy to see how the tectonic plates of the southern hemisphere and the Pacific may well have
collided, also causing the recent earthquake in New Zealand. The recent "super moon" may also
have been a major cause of the tsunami in Japan, the super moon lunar activity being the
result of the increasing and escalating solar storms. Theoretically, the gravitational lunar
effect may have the potential to cause a polar shift, thus causing tectonic plates to
slide into one another. I'm just speaking hypothetically, as I'm no expert, so I'm just throwing
out some possible theories. Make of them what you will. However, until I have investigated
further and can obtain actual evidence, HAARP involvement is nothing more than rumours.

For updates, please visit my daily blog: "Apathy Kills!"


NOTE: Diary entry. It began when people completely relied on calculators and spellcheckers and no longer thought for themselves. Cash is no longer acceptable. Human interaction is frowned upon, and relationships are forged through technology. I remember how it began, in the days of the small device with an input of predictive, meaningless words and social media, where emotion, expression and context were lost, and people walked the streets talking to voices in their heads. Engaging them was met with disconnection and shock for your infringement. Now in my nineties, I rely on my embedded chip to remind me of my medication, but that's okay, since tomorrow none of us will have to bare the burden of thought anymore. Nowadays, they have the technology to do that for you. That began as "thought stoppers", where terms, phrases and words were programmed into our everyday language. It was only a matter of time until we had the "thought police". If I had the virtue of reason, I would recall my childhood, and remember the child who asked, "Why did you let it come to this? Why didn't you stop it all back then, when you once had a voice? As a consequence, the human soul is being devoured piece by piece. If this is how it is today, imagine what tomorrow will bring!" This is the voice of the last remnants of my conscience, as I peacefully close my eyes and sleep. Now, in this place of humanly unimaginable love and truth and knowledge, I look down upon the earth with tear filled eyes and stinging cheeks, free but tormented by guilt. - Glenn Gordon, R.I.P. .....contd



Yesterdays Conspiracy Theories are Todays Declassified History




My additional unrelated media publications, including screenplay:







If you must condemn me for what I have written, then I come to you as a tearful child in terminal despair, begging for help!
You cannot dismiss what you refuse to see. The door is open








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"Pavlovian Maze". Pavlovian refers to Ivan Pavlov, a respected psychologist who, in short, experimented in conditioning animals, using stimuli, so that they could associate the stimulant with a certain pattern, thus adjusting its behavior and response. Others, such as BF Skinner did studies in Operant and Instrumental condioning. However, Skinner could be mostly associated with sociology, which could be argued is just a term for collective pychology. An example of a particular category that I use to apply to the Pavlovian Maze would be how we associate important figures of high status. We view them as "respectable", therefore, would never associate them with any wrong doing, eg. A man in a $3000 suit or someone of elite or royal blood commands respectability. I first applied it to try to explain a social engineering cycle - We have children and nurture them to have the same aspirations. The cycle continues. Our thought processes are therefore contained into a family unit, thus making it easier to control "units" in society rather than individuals, hence individualism is frowned upon. The "Hegelian System" is not a term of my invention, and since I have only used it in the blog, you can find its definition there.


Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR The story of Capturing & Controlling the Media

Since the main subject of this site is the Media and its role in the New World Order, it is hoped that you will view the Mainstream Media News in a different light. They serve the purposes of the corporations in order to justify their actions, deceiving you, their target audience. They fabricate false flag stories to justify war and their untold atrocities in your name. You won't see the mother begging you, the world to save her dying children. You won't see the family being led out of their homes at gunpoint by your soldiers, as the frightened children cry, looking to a helpless father. Resist the escapist, indoctrinated terms such as, "Oh well. There's two sides to every story", and what author and Media Critic, Barry Zwicker calls, "Thought Stoppers", such as Anti American/Unpatriotic, Conspiracy Theorists, BelievedtobelinkedtoAlQueda. Your life is of no value compared to what is really at stake.

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