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ILLUMINATI PROJECT 103 (V2.0) "Apathy Kills!" How far will we allow our apathy to go? The New world Order plan to reduce the global population by 80% by poisoning through chemtrails, fluoride and aspartame etc. Fluoride is the main ingredient in rat poison. Now you know why we were duped into doing the once unthinkable, buying bottled water. Also see: ILLUMINATI PROJECT part 90 (V2.0): The Rockefeller Eugenics & AIDS Program.

ILLUMINATI PROJECT 104 You were a corporate product as soon as you are born. This gives them the right to do whatever they want with you. You have no rights, other than to serve. You're just a number. Many of us are unaware that when our names are written in CAPITALs, we are surrendering our rights. For example, if you receive a court summons with your name in lower case, you DO NOT have to attend. (Source: Esoteric Agenda )



SIGIL: Sigil's can best be described as masonic/illuminati occult magic spells or codes. Some sigil's are directed at us, and others are directed to the illuminati brethren. They are often hidden within semiotics, some subliminally in advertising and throughout the media and in corporate logos. Here is a demonstration of a sigil uncovered in Microsoft around 9/11....... "Open up MS Word. Type: Q33 NYC, then change the font number to 48, and change the font type to WINGDINGS, then wait........" You also may be surprised to learn that IBM has been implicated in supplying an early form of database to the Nazis for identifying and coding Jewish prisoners in the concentration camps during WW2. The familiar barcode we take for granted today was developed from the Nazi punch card system provided by IBM. The founder of IBM, Thomas J. Watson was a devout follower of Hitler. The word `Al-Qaida' translates to "database" in Arabic, which derives from a collection of operatives the CIA used to draw upon for covert activities in places such as Bosnia and Kosovo. Osama Bin Laden was known to be one such operative, although he was known as `Tim Osman' when traveling to the US. Sigil's are frequently used by the CIA, MI6 and the Tavistock Institute in London for mass mind control. THERMITE or THERMATE when Sulphur is added: This eats through cast iron metal very quickly like a hot knife through butter. As an incendiary, it reduces steel to moulton metal and turns everything in its path to powder.

The Police State under the New World Order. These victims could easily be your parents our your child. Imagine what will happen if you don't have a chip . Note how the police try to blame the protestors for their murder of an innocent man. The media also conveniently neglects to give the distraught family any air time. Conditioned as we are, they expect us to forget, so we don't ask."Out Of Site, Out Of Mind!" This is how the New World Order are now targeting children and young people to condition a new generation of obedient, servile robots for the future. These sick actions will surely leave an indelible imprint on the mind of an innocent child. Note the upsurge in TV programmes, conditioning us to accept a police state, eg. Brit Cops, Nothing To Declare etc.

Alex Jones Martial Law 911 Rise of the Police State Despite the overwhelming evidence that "Thirmite" explosives had been planted in the World Trade Center, the media were given a phrase to consistently send out over the airwaves, "Conspiracy Nut". All witnesses were gagged and firemen and emergency services were threatened. Reporters first on the scene had their bulletins edited before being aired. Others were threatened with losing their jobs, or worse, such as witness, Barry Jennings , who told journalists that he was blindly stepping over bodies as he escaped building 7 and heard explosions before the towers collapsed. The elite made millions on insurance put options prior to the attacks. Marvin Bush, Georges younger brother, took up the position of Director of Security, Stratesec (Securacom) for the WTC complex two years before the attacks. His contract was due to end on the morning of 9/11. The source of this information is his own mother, Barbara Bush, in her memiors, and according to witnesses, under his direction, unprecedented suspicious maintenance work was also being carried out in the run up to the attacks. After a bomber plane slammed into the Empire State Building in 1945, the designers of the WTC had categorically stated that they specifically designed the WTC like a mosquito net, with the intention of being airplane proof", stating that, "The WTC was built to withstand the impact of not one, but multiple 707 airplanes slamming into it, akin to poking a pencil at a mosquito net, with no damage to the netting!" Coincidently, the designer Frank DeMartini was killed on 9/11, as was John O'Neill . O'Neill was former Director of the FBI, who resigned after his investigations into the planned 9/11 attacks were being hindered and interfered with. As a result, he was then offered a lucrative position in the World Trade Center, where he met his fate as one of the victims. Several countries had warned the US of a planned attack in advance. CIA asset, Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmed, head of ISI Pakistani intelligence (ISI), was in Washington on 9/11 in a series of meetings with top level figures and had wired alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta $100k prior to the attacks. Former cabinet minister Michael Meacher exposed the 9/11 cover-up in a huge Guardian editorial, titled, "The War on Terror is Bogus", saying that he knew about the Project For A New American Century (PNAC) , run by Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush , Rumsfeld and others, in which it demands another incident, such as a New Pearl Harbor. In relation to Marvin Bush, it has been revealed through various investigations, including the one on the right, that his mother, Barbara Bush is the daughter of prominent satanist, Aleister Crowley , who restyled himself as "The Beast 666". I have also had this personally confirmed, since Crowley's birthplace was house number 30 at the bottom of our street. George Bush Snr was nickname "Poppy Bush", due to his importing cocaine to the US during the Vietnam war. The Hollywood movie, Air America, starring Mel Gibson, was based on this story.

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9/11 truth

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Demanding our own enslavement

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The step by step guide of The Illuminati plan under the services obtained by Rothschild of Adam Weishapt, a former Jesuit German Bavarian priest who defected from Christianity to inspire and implement the Luciferian doctrine, funded and supported by the House Of Sax Coberg of Gotha. (see pages 5 and 6) Former US President, George Herbert Walker Bush was better known as, "Maggog", his given Skull & Bones name. Maggog is name of the demon sent onto the earth by Lucifer to command the armies to destroy Christianity and all known religions devout to the heavenly God. It should NOT be foolishly assumed for one moment that this threat has diminished merely because George Jnr (aka, Temporary, Skull & Bones) has gone and under the false illusion that Barak Obama brings new hope. Michele Obama herself is a member of the Council Of Foreign Relations. World leaders are just agents, selected by a higher authority. These leaders and heads of large Corporations and Banks are selected according to their bloodline sent out into positions of power and influence, where they help one another. They gather at places such as Bohemian Grove, where they take part in occult rituals to satanic deities, such as Moloch.

Conspiritus Remake 1/10 - (2009) The Illuminati Conspiracy (The Occult & UFOs)
Conspiritus Remake 2/10 - (2009) The Illuminati Conspiracy

Biological Warfare. And, We Are The Enemy: Yet more shocking evidence of enforced global population reduction by genetically engineered viruses and diseases such as Swine Flu, forcing the masses to take killer vaccinations. Other reported methods include Chemtrails. If I may also add to this, that before I moved to the area where I now live, I never had any allergies, and I've drifted around quite a lot. However, two years ago I developed what can only be described as hay fever like symptoms, which the doctors could not explain, and even if they could, it would only be in accordance with what is already written in their curriculum. Nevertheless, they seemed markedly indifferent, as is increasingly the case with the British NHS. Then, I started hearing phrases I'd never heard before, such as, "The air in this area is particularly bad!" What on earth does that mean? When I confirmed this with doctors, the response was just an agreeable shrug of the shoulders. The same was also the case when I informed the dentist that he was asking me to put rat poison in my mouth every day, i.e. fluoride. Before we are all completely dumbed down by chemtrails, fluoride, aspartame and drugs, ask questions now rather than later.




In Lies We Trust This shocking film reveals further evidence of the Rockefellers ongoing pursuit to eugenically modify humanity by genocide, eliminating those whom they regard as imperfect/inferior or making little contribution to human development. It provides further evidence that Hitler's "Rockefeller" funded Third Reich and holocaust didn't really end, but was merely relocated and continues today. It is widely believed that there has always been a cure for cancer. Indeed, growing evidence shows that an increasing number of diseases and viruses were manufactured, including cancer. You may be surprised to learn that there was a JFK connection, linking Lee Harvey Oswald's association with David Ferry , and Ferry's work with cancer causing vaccines for the CIA in New Orleans in their efforts to kill Fidel Castro, but that's another story for later on . However, I will say this much, I am somewhat intrigued as to why nobody ever explored Jack Ruby's time in prison. He feared that if he stayed in Dallas, he would be killed and begged the Warren Commission to relocate him to Washington, where he could reveal his full story. The Warren Commission conveniently declined his appeal, (although, admittedly this may have been beyond their jurisdiction. But, was it beyond the FBI?). It strikes me as somewhat odd that a man who knows that his days are numbered doesn't find some way of getting his story out. Under the suspicious advice of his lawyer, Ruby "allegedly" claimed his motive for killing Oswald was to spare Jackie Kennedy any further grief of returning to Dallas for a trial. Jim Garrison would have provided the perfect opportunity for Ruby, had it not been for his untimely and convenient death from Cancer while in prison. However, I digress.

The objective of bio engineered disease is to generate fear, thus causing the populace to turn to their governments for protection. The government response is to initiate mass vaccinations, which are in fact "Trojan horses", which deploy other viruses (specifically designed to mutate). This has the specific purpose of killing many birds with one stone. It generates further development for drugs, thus generating huge investment in pharmaceuticals and financial profits for the elite. It also gives the elite further control over population manipulation, and in effect, "human harvesting". Be prepared for the startling truth behind the New World Order and the silent culling of humanity for profit. (NB. Henry Kissinger is David Rockefellers close aide and was direct advisor/liaison to Presidents since the 1960s. The CIA are the Rockefeller/Rothschild policy enforcers to whom they wrote a blank cheque for in 1947, making them accountable to nobody. (A major investment for intelligence indeed!) Eugenics, Population Control and Global Totalitarianism (Part 3 of 5 right) While the Rockefellers were funding Hitler's "Pure Aryan" race project, they dispatched their three top eugenic scientists to Nazi Germany to advise Hitler on the fine tuning of the mass human extermination program. We see how that program has been modified to fulfil the same purpose today, including the changing of terminology to make it sound more palatable to the public. This film exposes those involved, including the British monarchy. From 1943 until recently, the British have tested lethal nerve gas on their own personnel.

9/11 The Birth of Treason provides further revelations of how the elites profited hugely from 9/11. It reveals the shocking cover ups and the ongoing disgusting assaults on the families of those murdered on 9/11 by the globalist elite in order to cash in and usher in their bloodied New World Order, as Banks and international markets made billions out of the blood of 3000+ innocent people. They even told New Yorkers that the air around ground zero was safe to breathe, just so that they could keep Wall Street open. Today, more are still dying because of that sickening lie too, either from their illness or of exhaustion from fighting for health care. On the eve of 9/11 several phone calls were made to certain VIPs, warning them not to fly that day. One of them was Salman Rushdie. Former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice called San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, among others, warning them not to fly on 9/11. Senior experts, including scientists, architects and engineers utterly confounded the official 9/11 investigiation, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that powerful explosives, such as Thermite were used to demolish the WTC. In a further effort to endorse and authenticate the 9/11 myth, and add further insult to injury, the British monarch pays a visit to the Ground Zero site while visiting Canada, thus giving credibility to the great lie. What the media neglected to mention is that the families the queen met were strategically selected and vetted, otherwise she would have been handed a petition.

In Lies We Trust p3 In Lies We Trust p4





Selling us the Mark Of The Beast so that you demand it. Every single aspect of your life will be controlled. You will NOT be able to make any transactions unless you have the embedded chip. Therefore, you will not be able to do all the things you take for granted today, such as feed your family. You will NOT be able to receive medication. Your entire domestic home life will be monitored. Absolutely everything about you is to be stored on the chip. New born children will be injected with the chip. This is already happening, and we are already and unwittingly demanding and buying into it by paying bills by Direct Debit, online shopping, using supermarket loyal cards, the value of which is calculated by the products listed on your receipt. So, if you complain or resist, your chip will be turned off. For example, if you receive a bank statement, telling you that you have been overcharged a staggering amount for your electricity, there is absolutely nothing you can do. It is no longer a matter of whether or not you pay, as it has already been taken from you via Direct Debit. It is a matter of challenging authority, because if you contest the amount charged, your chip will simply be turned off. As a result, you starve and live in darkness. Your spouse will most likely leave due to your non-compliance.






Terrorstorm Final Cut False Flag Operations are what the Government uses as pretexts or excuses for war. Its the age old method the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have been using for some time now, whereby they set up and carry out bogus terror attacks and blame it on the nations enemies. These enemies are often deliberately created. Such common examples are Pearl Harbor, the attack on the US Maddox in the Gulf Of Tonkin to ignite the Vietnam War, the Arab/Israeli conflict in 1967, 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings. However, aware that the people are catching onto this and that time is running out, they need to gain absolute control of the masses before they rise up, hence 9/11 and 7/7, in order to get the people to surrender all their freedoms for false fear of terrorism. As a result you will willingly walk into the New World Order and accept Big Brother surveillance and the mark of the beast. In this second edition of Terrorstorm Final Cut, Alex Jones once again exposes the absolute "Truth" to waken the people up. This film includes contributions from former cabinet minister Michael Meacher MP, as well as prominent author, Gore Vidal and CIA and MI5 whistle blowers. For a full list of known and suspected False Flag operations, click here: The film, The Project For A New American Century also reveals known false flag events (PNAC), and can be seen on my blog .



Evidence Of Revision The identity of the JFK Texas School Book Depository assassin revealed. Although none of the diversionary shots fired from the Texas School Book Depository and the Dal-Tex Building did NOT strike JFK, what is also unknown to many is that absolutely nothing was found to indicate that Oswald had even been on the sixth floor. In part 3, US National fingerprint expert, Nathan Darby identifies the "only" unidentified fingerprint found in the TSBD. It belonged to LBJ's personal hitman, "Malcolm Wallace". Wallace was previously convicted for the murder of Lyndon Johnson's sisters lover, Douglas Kinser. LBJ's sister was an alcoholic and the black sheep of the family. She was an embarrassment to LBJ's political ambitions and had a careless tongue, especially in light of the box 13 scandal in 1947. She was also murdered. During Wallace's trial, Johnson nervously had one of his aides report back to him on the progress of the trial. However, although found guilty and convicted, Johnson once again used his powerful influences to have Wallace released. A paraffin nitrate test conducted on Lee Harvey Oswald also showed that no traces of gun powder were found on him, despite Dallas police chief, Jesse Currie telling the press that there was, while the documented report showed otherwise. While initial reports from the media were informing the world that JFK was assassinated by a bullet to the front of the head, history had to be instantly seized and controlled to tell a different story, as the FBI immediately intervened to suppress the media . After Oswald's death, the doctor who prepared his body for burial stated that FBI agents called at his practice to examine the body of Oswald. After they left, the doctor found that Oswald's body had been disrupted and ink found on his hands. This was the first and only time that the palm print had been identified. There had always been an antagonistic relationship between the CIA and the FBI, since the CIA has always utilised and manipulated them to clean up their domestic operations. It was no secret that FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover hated the Kennedy's and was a long standing close friend of LBJ. Hoover's motto was, "The FBI Must Not Be Embarrassed". However, on this particular ocasion, Hoover had no quams about assisting the CIA, since the Kennedy's caused him considerable embarrassment, while he was blackmailing them. Besides, Hoover never really would have had a choice, since both the CIA and the mafia had incrimminating evidence of Hoover's homosexual activities, forcing him to be lenient on the mob while under pressure from attorney general Bobby Kennedy. One of the strong suspects as the gunmen who fired the fatal shot to JFK's head on the Grassy Knoll has been identified as Lucien Sirte, a known contract mob hitman, possibly disguised in a police uniform, as it was his trademark as a professional assassin. Sirte was also known to use frangible bullets. Sirte was hired by Bobby Kennedy's enemy, the ruthless, Bill Harvey on behalf of the CIA and brought in from Corsica on the recommendation of the mafia. Sirte was murdered in Mexico in 1972. Despite the confession of James Files that he fired the fatal shot from the Knoll, this may be nothing more than delusions of grandeur. Having said that, Files may have been right about mob triggerman, Charles Nicoletti having shot from the Dal-Tex Building, the trajectory of which led directly to where the bullet narrowly missed bystander James Tague. Numerous witnesses to the assassination reported hearing gunfire coming from the direction of the building. In fact, the Dal-Tex building was one of the first buildings to be sealed off in the minutes following the murder. Several arrests were made following the building's lockdown; there is record of a young man dressed in a black leather jacket and black gloves who was taken to the Sheriff's Office (also located within the Dal-Tex building) but he was never charged and no records of his name exist. Another suspicious person detained in the Dal-Tex building was Jim Braden, a career-criminal with Mafia ties who had recently changed his name and was also released by authorities. If I were an novalist, I would be tempted to offer a tantalising fictitious scenario - "the Grassy Knoll assassin being none other than Police Officer, JD Tippet, who was later gunned down, allegedly by Oswald, to silence him. Tippit is known to have been acting very nervously and was off his usual beat after the assassination. It is also possible that Tippit was meant to silence Oswald". Either way, these possible sequence of events died along with Oswald. Although, tantalising as it may seem, this scenario may be best placed in a novel. However, Lucien Sirti is the strongest and most likely realistic suspect for the fatal head shot. Eye witness, US Marine, Gordon Arnold was confronted by a tearful uniformed policeman with a rifle and dirty hands after throwing himself to the ground as he felt the bullets whisk past his ear while filming the presidential motorcade from the Grassy Knoll. The policeman forced Mr Arnold to hand over his film while he lay shielded on the ground after the assassination. Afterwards, Gordon Arnold was posted to Alaska for 18 months. Finally, perhaps the most ironic case of all, is that at the same time, the only person to actually witness the assassins on the Grassy Knoll, was a deaf mute, Ed Hoffman. Update: The Missing Frames: Frame 225, shows an already aware JFK looking towards the Grassy Knoll, as the first shot missed. Frame 226 shows him raise his arms after the first shot to strike the president enters his throat. The "Black Dog man" figure clip on the right can be seen in full here, JFK - Case for Conspiracy I by Robert Groden.






I have also been able to connect 5 former US Presidents to the the JFK assassination, which you can read in my blog article, "JFK and the 5 Presidents".
If we are still in any denial of the absolute evil of the globalist elite and wish to remain in apathy by simply writing it off as confined to the US, then by all means do so. However, I leave you with these 3 short exerts from the "Evidence Of Revision" series (part 5), in which it reveals further evidence of experiments in global mass mind control by agents of the Rockefellers/Rothschilds, such as the CIA in its continuance of the Nazi agenda following "Operation Paperclip ". These films provide a better understanding of what really happened during tragic events, such as "The Siege At Waco" through the revealing horror of the "Jonestown Massacre". The films also reveal the horrific tortures endured by innocent civilians in individual mind control experiments, rendering them to nothing more than vegetables, in order to turn them into controlled killers and assassins, Bobby Kennedy's alleged assassin Sirhan Sirhan, being one such victim.
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UPDATE: The film on the right is an update in the "Underwear Bomber" case. Eye witnesses, attorney Kurt Haskell & his wife witness the FBI supervise another false flag operation. Shortly afterwards, new controversial body scanners are installed at airports to further invade peoples personal privacy and degrade their human rights in yet another effort to use fear to strip away our freedoms, as we eventually submit them willingly.

How we can all resist the New World Order with global Non-compliance










THE ILLUSION OF ORDER 1 (written 2009)

We all should perhaps take time to pause to recall news events prior to 2000 and for a moment purge ourselves of the ongoing deliberate onslaught of distractions to appease the masses. We should ask ourselves how conveniently we forget important news events and how we arrived at the point in which we now find ourselves, while the harvesting of our souls continues increasingly unabated and unwittingly. For example, how many of us choose to remember the British Queen giving a concerned warning to Paul Burrell over the Princess Diana letters , advising him that "Darker/Powerful Forces were at work" and to be careful? It's ironic how history repeats itself, as Queen Victoria also had similar concerns in 1888 over the Whitechapel ripper murders. Paul Burrell soon afterwards conveniently packed up and relocated his family to the USA, where he now enjoys a career teaching etiquette. When the Rothschilds chose Tony Blair as Prime Minister, working class people were hopeful, unaware that Blair was given an agenda that had nothing to do with the downtrodden people of Britain. Gradually following on from the transition of Neil Kinnock's implementation of the New World Order, Tony Blair renamed and restyled the Labour Party to "New" Labour, and Blair was temporarily dubbed "Tory" Blair. What was actually happening was the consolidation of the elites of both Conservatives and Labour (Remember the defectors from Tory to New Labour?), gradually preparing Britain as a "one party system", paving the way for a "One World Global Government". The masses would be relied upon for their apathy in order to implement the next stage, that of depoliticisation, and in time the populace would grow so disillusioned with politics that fewer would turn out to vote, thus justifying the imposition of a leader, without our consent. It is no coincidence that the former "Master Of Spin, Peter Mandelson" was brought back into Gordon Browns Government. The father of PR, Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays would have been proud of him. Mandelson is known as a staunch pro-European Unionist. What is not known, is that he is also a member of the dark and clandestine, ultra secretive, "globalist Bilderberg Group ". In May 2010, the exact same pattern was repeated. This time, unelected Bilderberg water-carrier David Cameron announces his trigger word, "Big" Society, as a subliminal reference to, Big Brother. Cameron brings back another known Bilderberg member, Tory veteran, Ken Clarke. In 2008, Ireland overwhelmingly rejected the Lisbon Treaty. This threw the future of the EU into chaos. What is not known, is that the relatively new Irish Premiere, Brian Cowan was then brought before the elites globalist mafia and told in no uncertain terms that he "must go back to Ireland and force the Irish people to think again in another illegally imposed referendum!" Brian Cowan was reminded of the consequences should he not comply. He was already aware of the suspicious political scandal that forced his predecessor, Bertie Ahern to resign. He was reminded of how Ireland came to be the booming "Celtic Tiger" economy of the 1980/90s, and abruptly told, "You don't get a free lunch on the mob, and that if Ireland didn't play along, then all debts would be instantly recalled, `with interest', and that as a further penalty, economic and trade sanctions would be implemented against Ireland, reducing it to little more than a third world country". This gave the global elite bully boys an opportunity to flex their muscles against any other nation who decided to go against them. As a warning, immediately after Irelands original rejection of Lisbon in 2008, the world was suddenly hit with a global recession overnight. This was New World Order blackmail, and the citizens of each nation were being held hostage. Meanwhile, back in Ireland, the corporate controlled media were scare mongering the Irish people into voting for the illegal Lisbon Treaty in 2009 whilst demonising the strong "NO" campaign. Corporations who had established their European headquarters in Ireland, such as Intel and HP, were all threatening to pull out of Ireland if they rejected the treaty. The British people were to be next. During the UK recession, "small banks" were being held up as scapegoats, while they were being robbed by larger banks, especially in light of bonuses. This is a slight diversionary distraction from the truth. When we here talk of "National debt", we automatically assume that it is debt owed to the international community, when it is really to the Bank Of England, which is the main subsidiary to the Rothschild European Central Bank. People rarely poner upon the idea of whether or not the Chancellor Of The Exchequer or Treasurer are qualified accountants. The simple answer is, they don't need to be, because, it is NOT they who do the sums. It is NOT they who regulates the budget. The very pinnacle of power, those whom you thought you'd voted for don't have any real power, since the Government has to go "cap in hand" to the Bank Of England whenever it wants any money. However, instead of having a national centralised bank, if all nations are combined, then that bank becomes consolidated into a World Bank. All that needs to be done is for the owners of such a bank to persuade the very wealthiest of each nation that they will have a stake and a handsome share if they invest in one bank. However, in reality, they don't have any real choice. So, the persuasion is just a matter of etiquette. The ultimate prize is, control over the masses by a select few. "Behold all the kingdoms of the earth. Follow me, and they shall be given unto you!"

I was unsure whether or not to add a plea to the beginning of the site or here. That plea is that we put aside the illusion that such highly respected and dignified people could never do such terrible things. If I were asked, why they would do this, then some may not be prepared for the one word answer, "Evil". Since the indoctrinated immediate response is likely to be equated with religious dogma, they will feel justified in dismissing such a radical answer. However, it is understandable to be in denial of such an esoteric agenda, in which case, you should ask yourself, "Why you are reading this, since you are seemingly looking for something, indicating the logical assumption that we only look for something if it is hidden?" People instinctively do not wish to contemplate what is too frightening to believe, and if it is the truth, the prospects are even more terrifying. Seeking refuge among the like minded may provide the security of a community, but to others, this is simply their method of corralling the masses into a single entity, just as the term, "family" is always applied to almost every political ideology to make it more palatable and deceive us, just as it was an integral dimension of the American Dream false analogy. Therefore, I do anticipate criticisms of my work among the attacks. There is a fine line between Paranoia and hard reality. But, I know that I must be prepared to pay a price. "There is no political ideology. Social division is merely an illusion to distract us from the much bigger picture. This is being slowly revealed to us right now, yet sadly, so many still do not see it. The global transition of enslavement has been gradually fed to us, as pets, one small piece at a time, as we are considered as too dumb to notice. But, our masters gleefully entertain themselves by tantalizingly teasing us. When will it become too late?" "Evil shall destroy itself upon the ugliness of its own reflection!"


Report Calls for “Infiltration” of 9/11 Sites


Phones, vehicles, printers, digital cameras are now all fitted with RFID tracking as standard












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Debunking The Debunkers

THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE: The Truth will shock you, but set you free


"To what extent can we be told that a crow is white and a dove black before we eventually start believing it?"

When we purchase from our local store and swipe our loyalty club card, we are granting access to our homes. They calculate how much our club card points are worth by the items listed on the receipt, added up to a sum total. Most people do their weekly shopping routine once a week. Therefore, they know almost exactly what we're going to purchase each week, based on our routine, so your club card voucher can be calculated in advance. This information is listed on a database somewhere. Under your name and photo, there is a list of your daily household products and groceries. This gives an indication of how many people are in your household, their habits and routines and provides intimate information about each individuals lifestyle. The average person in London has their image captured 300 times a day.

When we receive incentives from our energy supplier, offering £100 discount off our annual bill, on the condition that we pay by "Direct Debit", we are giving them access to our bank accounts. £100 is approximately £3 per week off our total utilities bill. This is barely even noticeable, bearing in mind that for the previous 2-3 winter years, all the energy companies raised their prices substantially. So, when they advertise that they are reducing their prices, what they are actually saying is, that while they increase their prices by approx. £15 per month, each year, they are now reducing their prices by a meaningless £2-£3, with the expectation that you will be too gullible to even notice or at least, already conditioned to accept that you've just been conned while you were sleeping. If you dispute these increasing hike in bills, there is absolutely nothing you can do, as you have already given them free access to your bank account, and through subsidiaries, franchises and offshore call centres, they have limited liability. So, who are you going to complain to? If you try to obstruct them in any way from accessing your account, all they need to do, is to deduct payment from your salary, labeling you as bad credit and canceling your cash/credit cards. This is to be introduced under new EU legislation. Since the drive to the RFID chip is increasing, you will not be able to buy anything, food, water, heating or almost nothing. Who are you to turn to, when even those closest to you will say, "You gotta roll with the times!" By this time, we shall be so inducted into the Pavlovian Maze that we will be conditioned to view people of such character as social rejects and outcasts, and so be unwilling to be affiliated with them.

If a Government brings in a financial regulator to manage the healthcare of Britain's free NHS, then this puts a price tag on each individual patients needs, thus streamlining the survival of the fittest. How many of us have visited our doctor or dentist, knowing that they could do more to help? When the Government introduced managers into the running of Doctors surgeries and health centres, doctors found themselves limited to a budget on how much they can afford to spend on each individual patient. It effectively eliminates Doctor/Patient `care'. The manager is governed only by bureaucracy and financial profit, and does NOT need a conscience, thus sacrificing and stripping the doctor of their own compassion, with a new emphasis on cost effective responsibility. Therefore, does it not beg the question, "Who has ultimate control over the quality of your medication?" Aside from oil, next to the arms industry, pharmaceuticals are the largest generator of financial profit.

I present the following observation. The scenario for consideration is a situation in which an alleged natural disaster strikes an impoverished area causing heavy casualties. Since the region is already an area of extreme poverty and ethnic minorities, the emergency services are extremely slow to respond, despite aid workers crying out for immediate help, the response is still slow, presumably because of red tape. When help finally arrives, the emergency services obviously must be expected to weigh up the situation beforehand. In doing so, a decision has been made on who gets priority. Out of the population, the emergency services first attend to the most affluent minority, while the poor and ethnic population are largely neglected, abandoned, restrained and corralled. The decision being made is that the affluent can afford to pay for their medical care, whilst the rest are considered to be `a drain on natural resources', so are expendable. Of course, this is only a scenario. Surely, man's inhumanity to man could never sink to such a gradually acceptable level of depravity! Could it?" Well, it did. and it wasn't exactly in the most underdeveloped nation in the world, that couldn't afford to "repay" its debts for the aid it received. It was New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Despite heartfelt appeals from high profile US celebrities, such as Sean Penn, Mike Myers and Chris Rock, the established mainstream media gave this little coverage or prominence. How quickly we forget. Yet, this very situation is ongoing right now. The only difference is, that it is now so systemic that we barely even notice, so is subject to limited liability and an esoteric agenda. If say, 40 years ago, the mainstream media had reported that children had been subject to sexual abuse by adults, we'd have been so utterly horrified that there would have been an international outcry and possibly public disorder. Today, it is accepted as a gross symptom of modern society. How long must we wait before they gradually release the deliberate horrific effects of depleted uranium on the people of Iraq and Iran? Another holocaust. Another final solution . Another genocide, going on behind our backs, while we are too distracted, too f***king anesthetized by popular culture, not realising that right at this very moment we are afflicted by the worst corrosive, apocalyptic disease that may eventually damn us all, "Apathy!" (See my blog article and films on, what is being done in your name )

Another cautionary tale of gradual programming, is that question of, "how many times do you hear someone say, "Oh, you never know what to believe these days. One minute they tell you this is good for you. Then, they tell you it's bad for you?" In the US, the CIA are better known to campaigners as the "Cocaine Import Agency". What do we believe the war in Afghanistan to be about? The Taliban have been destroying all the Poppy fields. Burning these crops is a huge financial loss to the global elite. It's not just oil. We have already established who owns Standard Oil. However, what may not be so well known is where the idea of banks and the banking system originates from. The banking system was established by the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were the Popes special forces, who accompanied and protected wealthy and royal pilgrims to the holy land during the crusades. They were originally only nine monks, but their abilities in battle compensated for their number, as they were an elite, highly trained skilled fighting force, feared by the Islamists. However, the Templar's realised that protecting wealthy aristocrats and the royal heads of Europe was highly profitable and began to offer their services as freelancers, disconnecting themselves from the authority of Rome. They exchanged paper receipts for treasures held under their protection and security. For example, who was going to protect the wealth of landowners and Kings and Queens while they were off to the birth place of Christ or surveying land captured from the Muslims? (Incidentally, perhaps this is where the premise for the story of Robin Hood originates from.) This paper system developed and progressed, as they acted as bonds. As the templar's power and greed grew, so too did their morals and ethics, as they became totally corrupted, denouncing their dependence on the Vatican. They were soon routed out, hunted down and persecuted by the King of France, authorised by the Pope. Following the widespread pogrom's and executions of templar's, (Friday 13th) what remained of them fled underground to later re-emerge in Scotland as the Freemasons, vowing a solemn oath of vengeance on the Vatican and Christianity. They trained the Scots to fight and defeat the English. Realising that war also provided a profitable income, they hired out their services to the highest bidder. Allegiance was irrelevant. Besides, they'd already learnt a valuable lesson. For them, patriotism became a useful tool. The masons were soon to be infiltrated by the Illuminati as America became the first and only masonic nation . If the Americans today are to be the indoctrinated, dumb down slaves, then how much easier will it be to transfer that "template" to lesser populated regions of the world? More recently many outspoken Catholic scholars have argued that the Vatican may have already been infiltrated by the Illuminati, the late Father Malachi Martin being just one. However, I digress. You'll notice that I emphasize certain words. This is because much of the language, public holidays, symbols, patterns that we use and take for granted today are attributed to freemasonry, eg. black & white checkered patterns (floors, crossword puzzles), May Day Bank Holiday, steps and obelisks etc. The list is endless, so I'll leave that for the book.

As we continue to be gradually conditioned, terms that we've rarely heard of before are emerging into our collective psyche. Terms such as oligarchy and plutocracy are becoming more frequently used, and the media is the vehicle by which we are being programmed to get used to it. As author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley said in 1961 whilst comparing his book with George Orwell's, 1984: (Big Brother), "We will be conditioned to embrace, and indeed to love our servitude!"

So, while we become accustomed to and give countenance to the idea of being ruled by just a select few, who exercise power by virtue of wealth, the capstone draws ever closer to the very top of the pyramid.

There are up to 4.2m CCTV cameras in Britain - about one for every 14 people. Imagine how many there are world wide, not to mention satellite surveillance, which can pinpoint your exact location, unless of course you're Osama Bin Laden (aka, CIA asset, Tim Osman)

A lie will go round the world while the truth is still putting its shoes on



Reject the globalist CFR controlled media

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