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The JFK assassination connection to the Cancer Causing Virus


Rockefellers/Rothschilds eugenicist program


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JFK connection



  Corporate Pharmaceuticals rely on disease and illness for financial profit Scene from 1980s movie, "They Live"  


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Big Pharma & The death of Michael Jackson

Hypothetically, let’s just suppose that Michael Jackson's tragic sudden death on 25 June 2009 was due to a murderous conspiracy, as his sister La Toya claims. What would be the possible motive? To address this, we need to travel back to the 1960s and the rise of popular youth culture. By that time, the CIA were at the height of their mind control experiments, which included MK Ultra. LSD was their favourite toy of choice. Young people were being recruited to go onto university campuses as spies and to enroll students onto medical trials for extra cash. In other words, CIA funded drug experiments. Once it was realised that LSD was effective and had additional benefits, the CIA introduced it into the youth market as a recreational drug to indoctrinate and control the young. Young musicians, such as Bob Dylan were prime targets as trojan horses. It was Dylan who later introduced LSD to The Beatles. At the time, it was said that Beatles manager, Brian Epstein had committed suicide due to his fear of losing control of his group. However, whether or not his drug overdose was accidental or suicidal, I am uncertain. So, it begs the question, if Brian was so frightened of losing his creation and being left out, then, "Who was he losing control to?" "What was he so threatened by?" Of course, we can only speculate. One week before he was murdered, John Lennon revealed on an New York radio interview that the Beatles were created by The Tavistock Institute to launch a new paradigm for youth to abandon traditional values for sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. He said he was going to reveal the whole secret and had come out of hiding to do so. Aside from this astounding revelation, Lennon never got the chance to tell all he knew. Michael Jackson was a global icon. He was a role model and inspiration to millions of young people all over the world. Due to ongoing media character assassination, he was forced to withdraw and take refuge in prescribed medication. The more pressure, the more medication and the higher the dosage/strength, thus the higher financial cost for prescribed quality drugs. We’ve heard it all before, "Stars death by drugs...., prescribed or otherwise. Hard illegal narcotics among celebrities are usually a result of the prescribed variety exceeding the limitations of its stimulation. However, usually stars and celebrities are given drugs from a doctor who has been assigned to them, and undoubtedly these doctors stand to make substantial financial gains, and because the pharmaceutical company is supplying a high profile celebrity, who is worth millions of dollars and increasingly dependent, then such a star is willing to pay any price for good quality medical care. It is not uncommon for young people to view such a reckless, chaotic lifestyle as, `cool'. If the celebrity threatens to talk about their dependence or addiction to “high quality” medication, then imagine the financial loss to the pharmaceuticals industry, and of course, the dark spectre of the banks, whom they serve. Remember the increasing frequency of the term, "They build you up, just to knock you down again!" Once you've fulfilled your purpose in fueling the drug culture, you become expendable. You're no longer a marketing tool. We've already exposed the CIA's drug importing operations.

The murder of John Lennon

Having mentioned the death of John Lennon, I wasn't prepared to even entertain the notion that anyone other than some delusional nut murdered him, period. However, I found myself doing a further investigation. This was originally sparked while I was trying to find documented evidence of a connection between those involved in the failed anti-Castro Bay of Pigs operation in 1961 and the later Watergate scandal. I was writing about the extraordinary meeting that took place on the eve of the JFK assassination at the North Dallas home of oil billionaire, Clint Murchison Sr. The guest list included Murchison, H. L. Hunt, Richard Nixon, J Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson. However, I digress. John Lennon was a thorn in the side of the US Government since the earlier days of The Beatles, when he made the innocent quip about them being more popular than Jesus, provoking hordes of CIA duped angry young American bible thumpers to burn Beatles records en masse, while some fanatics may have been quietly sending out the message, "Well, you can soon tell him that yourself when you meet him!" Then, later came Lennon's campaign against the war in Vietnam, costing the US arms industry billions of dollars in lost revenue and causing an angry Elvis Presley to storm up the steps of the Whitehouse, demanding that Nixon do something about that troublesome English hippy. Lennon again threatened to galvanise public opinion during his anticipated comeback from obscurity in 1980. Jose Perdomo was the doorman on duty at the Dakota Building on the evening Lennon was shot. Mr Perdomo has interesting record. He was an anti-Castro Cuban exile who worked for the CIA as far back as 1961, and was actively involved in the CIA Bay of Pigs operation. Using the pseudonym, Joaquin Sanjenis, Perdomo worked closely with convicted Watergate burglar and known CIA agent, Frank Sturgis, who trained Cuban exiles in preparation for the Bay of Pigs operation, and was also implicated in connection with the JFK assassination. Perdomo worked with Sturgis for more than ten years. It has also emerged that Perdomo was having a conversation with Mark Chapman outside the Dakota Building as Chapman waited for Lennon to return home from the studio on the night of his murder. According to police records their conversation centred on the Bay of Pigs and one other notorious CIA project: the assassination of JFK. Before his departure to the recording studio, John Lennon was recording a radio interview for RKO's Dave Sholin in his apartment. When the interview had finished and Lennon was leaving the building, he waited outside the entrance of the Dakota for his car to arrive to take him to the recording studio. This was unusual, as the car was always on standby. According to witnesses, Lennon was becoming impatient and asked Perdomo where his car was. It was during this period that fan and amateur photographer, Paul Goresh took the last ever photograph of John Lennon, as he gave his autograph to the man who would later kill him. Lennon then asked his radio interviewer, Dave Sholin if he could drop them off on his way back to the airport. John Lennon was shot on their return home that evening. Police patrolman, Steve Spiro was one of the first to arrive at the scene. There, he was greeted by Perdomo, who pointed into the vestibule, saying, "That's the man doing the shooting!" Mark Chapman then surrendered himself to Spiro. While Spiro was arresting Chapman, Perdomo shocked him, telling him that he'd shot John Lennon. During his search of Chapman, Spiro also found a copy of the Catcher In the Rye, which Chapman had been reading while he wated for Lennon's return.

Another interestingly ironic, perhaps irrelevant connection is that Roman Polanski set his 1968 Oscar winning horror film, Rosemary's Baby in the Dakota Building. It has been alleged that the founder of the church of satan, Anton LaVey played the part of the devil in the rape scene of the film. However, this allegation has been denied and it was argued that Clay Tanner played this role. A year later, Roman Polanski's beautiful pregnant young wife, Sharon Tate and her friends were brutally murdered by the cult, Charles Manson family. The murders were notoriously inspired by Manson's obsession with The Beatles song, Helter Skelter. It seems somewhat ironic that a Beatle should end up being murdered at the site over ten years later. One of the enforced conditions of John Lennon's bitter legal battle with the US Government for citizenship was that he remain living at the Dakota Building throughout the case.

The death of Princess Diana

The question that has always been at the centre of the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed is the condition of their driver, Henri Paul. However, whether or not he was intoxicated with drugs and alcohol is still as elusive today as it was then. Surely, with such high profile figures, the question I find myself coming back to is their personal security, especially for the mother of the future heir to the throne. "What were the bodyguards doing?" It would have been absolutely crucial for their security to thoroughly vet and examine the chauffeur, as well as all their staff and close contacts, despite Muhammad Al Fayed having apparently intervened to change their security at the last minute. All hotel staff would even have been subject to substantial scrutiny. Strict protocols would have been in place for Princess Diana, thus any deviations or modifications would have been immediately prevented. Muhammad Al Fayed would not have had any power whatsoever to interfere with Diana's personal security, only that of his son, and even they would need the authorisation of Diana's security personnel. If Diana had been assigned only one bodyguard, a former Scotland Yard detective, then someone else had the power to severely restrict her protection, since she was the mother of the heir to the throne. With regard to the motives for a conspiracy to murder, the most common case that has been put forward is religion, and safeguarding the royal bloodline. Any remote possibility of an Islamic threat to the royal bloodline and a potential muslim heir to the British crown is as unthinkable as it is unconstitutional. However, this is nothing new, as historical records show. "Whoever controls the past, controls the future!" How conveniently have we forgotten or even examined the cold case of Prince Albert Victor, (aka, Prince Eddy) and the lowly title bestowed upon him as, The Duke of Clarence, despite being next in line to the throne usurped by his brother, George? Prince Eddy has virtually been written out of the history books. The most obvious reasons suggest that he was unfit to be King, due to his inherited indiscretions, which were not entirely eroded from the royal bloodline upon his dubious death, since the current Queen Elizabeth's late wayward sister, Princess Margaret kept it in the family. Eddy's crime was that he'd had an affair with an east end commoner, Annie Crook. Eddy had fallen in love with Annie, and is believed by many to have married her in a secret ceremony. However, much worse was to come. Annie was a Roman Catholic. In 1885, she gave birth to a baby girl, Alice Margaret. The baby's nanny was Annie's closest friend, a rare, attractive Whitechapel prostitute, Mary Jeanette Kelly, an Irish Catholic. Mary's knowledge of who little Alice's father was threatened to destroy, not only the British monarchy, but also the empire, since Britain was already urging towards a state of total anarchy and socialist revolution. Contrary to popular belief, Queen Victoria was not popular and was often hissed and spat upon in public appearances, not to mention, attempts made on her life. The potential threat to the monarchy by a common east end whore could not be tolerated, and so it led to what we know today as "The Ripper Murders". The connection to Princess Diana isn't too far away. Lord Randolph Churchill was a 33rd degree freemason and close protector to the throne. The Churchill's were Spencer's, and Diana was a descendent of Winston Churchill. Furthermore, Diana was baptized a Roman Catholic, although, I admit, I cannot categorically verify this, since all references to it have been obliterated. Out of all Princess Diana's most prominent charitable ventures, was her devotion to AIDS victims. AIDS was on the verge of being exposed as having being manufactured in a lab as a method of population control, injected into millions of starving African's, under the pretence of being a smallpox vaccine. It did NOT originate in Green Monkey's. As well as risking exposing this to its full extent, Princess Diana also campaigned rigorously for landmine victims, which threatened the arms trade, especially in overpopulated African regions. Lest we forget, Prince Phillip is a known eugenicist. Diana had to be dealt with sooner or later. And, let us not forget the earlier comment about Paul Burrell. There have been suggestions that Diana's apartment was bugged and private letters leaked in an effort by MI5 to discredit her, along with further allegations that James Hewitt is the real biological father of Prince Harry.





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If you have reached this far on the site by now, you may find yourself wondering why a new British Coalition Government, led by two allegedly vastly opposing political ideologies are apparently working so well together. Mssrs Cameron and Clegg seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet, as does Cameron and Obama. We found ourselves in exactly the same dichotomy under Blair and Bush, and, as mentioned previously, the relationship between George Bush and John Kerry, both despatched into the world by the Yale University elite secret postgraduate organisation, Skull & Bones. Coincidently, it may be no more than pure chance, that upon leaving office, Tony Blair was almost immediately offered a position at Yale University (by Bush), lecturing on Globalism and Faith. Oxford University has a similar secret society as Yale, known as The Bullingdon Club, of which David Cameron was a member of. It is based upon the principle of "leading the people", literally. That is, leading them by the false doctrine of two opposing political ideologies, while we deceptively believe that it all comes under the umbrella of something called "democracy", which realistically sounds more charismatically captivating than "order". The truth is that these so-called leaders do sing from exactly the same hymn sheet. Political ideology is completely irrelevant to them. It is only relevant whenever it is applied to us, (the sheep) to keep order. I realise that this is a concept that some may find difficult to contemplate, since being in denial makes us all feel comfortable and definitely more secure. They do say, "Ignorance is bliss!" Nobody wants to believe that their (s)elected leaders are engaged in sinister supernatural ritualistic activity. However, all men are corruptible, with no exceptions. Respectability cannot be measured in a suit, masquerading as reverence. What you have on earth, you cannot take with you. No monarch or president holds any higher esteem or status than you. It is only on earth that such diabolical effigies are recognised as greater than perceived subordinates. Neither priest or bishop, nor rabbi or imam holds any greater reverence than you. David Cameron has exactly the same agenda to fulfill as Ed Milliband would. The ideology is nothing more than an illusion. When Cameron made the pre-(s)election announcement that, "People should not rely on the state", nobody even noticed what he was actually saying and that they were being duped. Not one dissenting voice was raised to say, "Hmm! Excuse me PM, but haven't you read the Job Description?" Of course once it was realised that this statement hadn't sunk in to the public psyche, and the media certainly wasn't going to draw our attention to it, then that gave an indication of how dumbed down we'd become. Once granted their elevated status, the first duty the chosen leader must perform is to visit the Grand Patroness of World Freemasonry (PATRIARCH OF THE GRAND LUMINARY), Queen Elizabeth, and the Rothschild representative, the Governor of The Bank of England. Contrary to common belief, the crown jewels do not belong to the monarchy. They are under the collateral ownership of the Rothschild's. What many British people are unaware of is that during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Rothschild had circulated a rumour that Wellington had lost to Napoleon. This caused a crash on the London stockmarket and the Rothschilds secretly bought up stock at knockdown prices. When the news arrived that in fact Wellington had won, the stocks rose in price again and the Rothschilds had increased their wealth by an incredible amount. The monarchy is nothing other than an institution, symbolic of sovereign nationality and order. The chosen public leader, the prime minister must seek authority from the Bank of England before governing the land, as the new administrator. The queen represents the collective land/order. To do this, the administrator/prime minister needs finances. He cannot buy arms to defend the land. He cannot fund anything or even distribute grains of sugar unless he is given a budget to buy the bag with, and has the sole permission of the Bank of England on how to spend it. He is advised of what is expected of him with these finances by the Governor of The Bank of England. The Governor of The Bank of England represents its owner, from whom he receives his instructions. The owners of the Bank of England are the Rothschild family. Like the president of the US, the British PM is appointed an adviser who instructs them on behalf of the bank. In the case of the US, it is the Federal Reserve, which is no more federal than Fed Ex. The Federal Reserve is owned by the Rockefeller family and associated Rothschild interests. The Federal Reserve borrows money from the Bank of England, since it is still under its jurisdiction, unbeknown to most Americans. Doesn't anyone ever read their banknotes? So, who represents the people? Aren't Governments supposed to be the servants of the people? When all Governments are consolidated into one Government, (EU, North American Union, African and pan Nation Unions and eventually a one world religion), who runs it? It is the World Bank! Who sits on the capstone on top of the pyramid surveying over the conquered kingdoms of the world, as one sovereignty after another is sold into eternal debt? To gain a much better understanding of how the wealthy and powerful bankers are responsible for the current global crisis and such abominable evil, you need to watch just two films, accessible on my YouTube Channel and Blog, Bill Still's award winning BIFF 2010 Best Documentary, The Secret of Oz. . . . and the second of another explosive, must see film, by Mike Ruppert Peak Oil: Denial stops here - 1/12 , another of his revealing, highly popular and jaw dropping talks to packed lecture halls of university students.

Being suitably employed and relatively wealthy enough, in addition to being subdued by media distractions, together with being heavily sedated by popular culture and pharmaceuticals, makes us all avoid asking such questions, freeing our conscience of the complicity in our own demise. Denial is the perfect solution. Why wait until the walls of the comfort zone begin to collapse?



Knights of Malta (1591 Studholme Masonic Order) Knights of Eulogia (Yale Skull & Bones Order of Death)
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HAARP Weather Warfare Coverup P 1/3
9/11: The Tip of the Iceberg, P1, P2


Big Brother & another motive for 9/11
Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses  (MUST SEE)

A rich man approaches a beggar on the street and gives him £5. To the beggar, this is a small fortune and expresses his heartfelt gratitude. However, the rich man says to the beggar, “I want that back, with interest!” Still in some shock, the beggar explains, “But sir, I will never be in a position to return this!” “Don’t worry, says the seemingly kind stranger. I’m sure you’ll have something I want!” This is something that the well meaning passerby doesn’t hear. After the stranger leaves, the beggar remembers something. The stranger looks familiar. He recalls that he is the subject of his darkest  dreams that constantly awaken him with such fear. But, its more than a dream. The stranger is the banker who took away his home, his job and his family and cost him all his friends.

Pakistan 2010: Yet not one dissenting voice was raised by the passerby.



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In the wake of the devastating HAARP induced Pakistan floods, the media announced that the "New World Order" World Bank were to "loan" Pakistan $900m (£574m). What people DO NOT know, and what the corporate owned mainstream media will not tell you is that this loan must be paid back in human labour, blood and natural resources. What people are also completely unaware of is that, while the pre-designed sudden 2008 global recession makes us all subservient to these bastards, and we increasingly suffer from compassion fatigue, every penny that we care to donate is also a debt, and must be paid back to the bank, `with interest'. So, while we all fall victim to that malleable deteriorating affliction of Apathy, the victims of the "Haiti earthquake" and the "Pakistan floods" are abandoned and forgotten. Isn't it somewhat ironic or just coincidence that if Pakistan is portrayed as a terrorist state, that they are much more unlikely to receive charitable aid from people? UK Prime Minister, David Cameron's timely, deliberately controversial remarks about Pakistan, while visiting India seem a little too coincidental. While the media ensured that the impact of Cameron's remarks had the desired effect, the death toll in Pakistan rapidly increased, while we turned our backs on them. The media almost immediately distracted our attention, and instead focused on a bunch of trapped Chilean miners, whose well being and good spirits had already been established long beforehand, while upon their release, we had to endure the cringingly embarrassing, sycophantic, excitedly immature behavior of Channel 4 News anchorman, Jon Snow. To make matters much worse, the media had already failed to inform us that the number of dead in Haiti stood at 300,000. However, worse was yet to come. The colossal suffering in Pakistan was still being ignored, the mounting death toll still unknown. Immediately after the Chilean miners release, the savage cruelty of the power of the media was laid bare, as they turned our attention back to Pakistan, to a "Pakistani Cricketing Scandal". It was like pouring salt onto an already gaping wound, while at the same time mocking us because we'd failed to notice! How much more obscene and cynically insidious can reality become before the dead finally awaken, by which time it may be too late? So, please, expel the notion that conspiracy investigators are kooks and cranks, and for the sake of humanity, please "Wake Up!" If you still refuse to acknowledge the power of the media and its role in indoctrinating us into the Pavlovian Maze, then you really should see what is being done in your name.


Love is the greatest gift to mankind. Yet, it is a word so often frowned upon, sometimes even seen as a sign of weakness or we're too pre-occupied to deliver. How did we get to this? There is an incredible abundance of love in the world. It's true glory is humanly unimaginable and indescribable, yet it is you. It is your own true form. It is of your original place and state. If all the love that is within each of us could be harnessed together, ask yourself, where does all that energy go? Release it to the world and set aside our own individual problems and constant deliberate distractions. When was the last time we wept for the pain of someone else we don't even know? It was once common, but perhaps now we've lost that ability. Remember that feeling in your heart when you tell someone you love them. Tell them more often. Then share it with the world in the hope of invoking the same joyous emotion within them. If we can do that, imagine how powerful and truly gifted you are. We can't take that promotion or rise in salary with us. Yet, we'll still boast that we live for the moment. A moment is like a long dream, yet it lasts for only a fraction of human time. . . . . .!

Take a moment to reflect upon your life. Remember those people who you regret not saying "thank you" to? They were the most inspirational people throughout your life, the most encouraging. They had faith in you. They saw the good in you that you so desperately wished others could only see. Now, you miss them. These were special people, sent to only you. Imagine if you could take a map of your life and lay it on the floor and pinpoint each of these wonderful souls, then draw a line from each point, from each encounter. Then, pick up the map and hold it to the sky. What would you see?



HAARP, earthquakes, weather modification




In conclusion, I am willing to risk drawing upon, and adding to a biblical analogy in anticipation of the usual grumblings of disapproval, "When lucifer stalked Christ during his forty days and nights of fasting in the wilderness, he tried to tempt Christ by presenting him with an offer. He revealed before him all the kingdoms of the earth, saying that if he were to worship him, he would give dominion of all the kingdoms to him. In anticipation of Christ rejecting his offer, lucifer may well have departed with the parting shot, "Very well. I will simply make the same offer to mankind!" When he went on to present the same temptation throughout history, many accepted it. However, upon doing so, they discovered that lucifer reneged on the deal. When they asked him, "Where are all my kingdoms?" Lucifer replied, "Join the queue! "When they complained that he'd deceived them, he relayed this short parable to them:

"There was once a scorpion stranded by the bank of a river, desperate to reach the other side. Since the scorpion could not swim, he saw a fox nearby and asked him, "Please can you help me. I need to reach the other side of the river. Can you carry me across?" The fox replied, "I'm sorry. I cannot. You are a scorpion, and if I carry you across this river, you will surely sting and kill me and we'll both drown!" The scorpion replied, "No. I give you my word. I shall not harm you if you help me!" "Very well, replied the fox. Since you have promised me, I will help you cross the river!" Halfway across, the scorpion stung the fox. Dying in excruciating pain, the fox cried out, "You gave me your word and promised you would not kill me if I helped you. You deceived me. Why have you done this?" The scorpion replied, "I couldn't help it. I'm a scorpion. It's in my nature!"

The Rockefellers and Rothschilds inherited that offer from the the Knights Templar. They are listed among the 13 family Bloodlines of the Illuminati.


It is frightening prospect to realise that as I write, all of us are being systemically dumbed down to such an extent that we don't even notice it, or we are in denial. Such is the power of fear that nobody wants to believe it. However, it is entirely understandable, as we are lulled into our own comfort zones, while our will is gradually being broken and disassembled. If we dare speak out aloud, we risk being hammered and stoned as obsessively paranoid, while our initial perceptions of life are being redefined and nobody wants to know who is writing the rule book. As for our future - It's better to be judged as a cognisant individual rather than a degrading apathetic collective. Neither does anyone want to be in a perceived delusionally arrogant position to say, "I told you so!" If we are prepared to remember when we could drink water straight from the tap, nobody remembers at which point we began asking whether or not it was safe. When did it become unsafe to drink? When did the air become unsafe to breath? When did we begin paying for everything by direct debit and cash become obsolete? When did we begin wearing chips underneath our skin that contained all our life history, our location, our activities, our lifestyle? What if we refuse to pay for the air we breath? Now that the elites have that, what happens when they run out of things to take? What can they want next, but our very souls? At which point in the future will we look back on human history, and ask, "When did all this start to happen, and how did we let it come to this??" "Why didn't anyone warn us?" "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." - Albert Einstein

Thankfully, an increasing number of people are beginning to wake up. It is thanks to them that the future is positive. It is thanks to you, for taking the time to read this. You have no idea how much of a difference that single action alone means. A thought costs nothing. A lot of them make sacrifices and expose themselves at great risk. To them, we owe a great debt of gratitude. If we can drive our message forward, the people of the world will take notice and stand up to the global elites and hold them accountable for their evil crimes against humanity. One day, their victims will finally have justice and closure. Victims, most of us still aren't even aware of. Already we're beginning to forget the victims of the Pakistan floods, the Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, The 2005 Boxing Day Tsunami. If such tragically devastating events continue to grow in frequency, we will inevitably succumb to compassion fatigue. Please don't allow this to happen to you for the sake of your fellow man. How many of us remember when we were children and our school made charitable collections for the starving in Africa? I'm ashamed to recall now that our school had two collections, one for black babies and another for white babies. I grew up thinking, "Well, they're used to that lifestyle. Starvation and drought is normal in places like Ethiopia and Cambodia, so it's no big deal!" How does a child develop that kind of mind set? We can't blame our parents. Each one of us is more individually valuable than we realise. You are truly magnificent and our capacity to love is truly overwhelming. Don't let anyone take away your individuality. You are truly wonderful. Perhaps more that you realise. So too was that young girl who made her final heartfelt phone call from the World Trade Center on 9/11, pleading for her life. The value of one life is equal to the value of many. What if this girl was lonely and had nobody in life? Who will weep for her? She, like the rest of the 3000+ victims deserve to rest in peace and their families and loved ones to finally have justice and closure. However, the story of the survivors and rescue workers still remains untold. The mainstream media refuse to cover it. They are still dying because they were told that the air around Ground Zero was safe to breath, just so that the elites could keep Wall Street open and trucks of Gold, along with vital evidence were hurriedly being transported away from the scene. The House of Rothschild and The House of Rockefeller MUST be brought crashing down and their generations crippled from carrying on an evil legacy. The people must not allow their New World Order. The people will win.


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False Flag = a covert operation to justify war, by sacrificing the your own civilians to blame it on a potential enemy.

MK Ultra= CIA Mind Control project throughout the 1960s, utilizing extreme forms of Remote Viewing, Hypnotism and commonly used drugs for experimentation on subjects to carry out covert operations, such as assassination without recall. In 1953, a CIA report spelt out the aim of Project Artichoke , "As a trigger mechanism for a bigger project it is proposed that an individual be induced under artichoke to perform an act involuntarily of an attempted assassination of a prominent politician!" Bobby Kennedy alleged assassin, Sirhan Sirhan is widely believed to have been one such subject as is John Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman , activated by trigger word in the book, Catcher In The Rye. Incidentally, Sirhan was portrayed as an Islamic extremist. However, those who programmed him made a fatal mistake - Sirhan Sirhan was NOT muslim, but a devout Christian.

Corporation= limited liability. An integral part of the "Pyramid" structure to better control what is referred to as the minions, i.e. the masses (see Profane Goyim). For example, AOL (America Online) UK subsidiaries could include TalkTalk, Carphone Warehouse and a number of media outlets. Therefore, if we are not happy with AOL conduct, including its ethics & morals, we may unwittingly be a customer of one of its expendable subsidiary companies, making AOL unaccountable, so if one of its subsidiary companies is suspected of immoral or unethical practices, it is simply renamed or merged with another subsidiary.

Pyramid=this could be considered as the masonic building blocks, going back to the building of King Solomon's temple and the legendary murder of its master mason, Harim Habif by Jubelum, Jubela and Jubelo. Prior to the Knights Templar fleeing underground and later re-emerging as the Freemasons, they were the founders of what we know today as banks. They protected wealthy and royal pilgrims to the Holy Land, which developed into also protecting their wealth. Since they fled the persecution of the Vatican, they built structures around themselves for their own protection using this wealth. This included palaces, temples and monuments in which they persuaded their employers to invest in as a method of securing their riches.

Illuminati international branches=the most well known of these round table groups are, The Council on Foreign Relations (US), and The Royal Institute for International Affairs (UK, est. 1919)

HAARP= High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The manipulation of the harmonics of the earth to control weather patterns and the environment. This can best be explained as likening the earth beneath our feet as a tuning fork or the strings of a piano. This can be manipulated to the extent of inducing earthquakes, tsunamis and other cataclysmic events, as well as mind control and illness, since it manipulates the earth's ionosphere.

BlueBeam=holographic technology used to penetrate peoples minds for mass mind control and deception, using Extra Low Frequency, Very Low Frequency and Low Frequency sound waves and holographic imagery. Some Conspiracy Investigators believe that we are unwittingly being prepared for this, using mobile phones, chemtrials and satellites. Some point to the forgotten "Star Wars" Programme and Area 51. It has been said that it is the advanced stage of the Philadelphia Experiment, although I believe such an experiment to be fictitious. Overall, its purpose is to implement a New World Religion.

Thermite = a powerful explosive used by the military and demolition industry. When added with sulphur, it becomes thermate, which gives it the ability to cut through anything, like a hot knife through solid butter, producing its own signature.

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If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact me. I have an abundance of material, but unfortunately I don't have enough space to include it here, and it is continually being updated. All facts are verified prior to publishing. Examples of evidence information could be, for instance, a full list of all those involved in the Kennedy assassinations, known false flag events, declassified documents etc . . . .



"Whoever controls the past, controls the future." George Orwell.

The only reason they were able to get away with 9/11 is because they were able to get away the Kennedy & Martin Luthor King Assassinations of the 1960s. How much further will they be allowed to raise the stakes for that final atrocity, which will make us all complicit in our own damnation?


"In today's manufactured world, the future is by remote control, including us!"





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My People Perish for the lack of knowledge - Hosea 4.6

The human spirit has the overwhelming capacity to love, but not just to love that which we possess or hold dear. For akin to a dream, that only lasts for a fraction in time. It is a fraction that we must discard on earth one day to embrace the magnificent glory of humanly unimaginable love. We must love all of our fellow man, regardless of earthly distinction. We must guard against the nature of deception, which threatens our ability to feel guilt, shame or helplessness for our hurtful and bitter deeds, and to harness the energy of love to reveal mankind in its true form. We must be aware of the conditioned growing compassion fatigue that seeks to forever distract us from human suffering. The only burden we should carry in life is the heavy sword by which we must behead the cursed beast of apathy.









The Illuminati Rockefellers/Rothschilds eugenicist dynasty MUST Die

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people. - JFK

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